'Search engine optimisation (SEO) may be just one part of an online Internet marketing strategy, but it is the fundamental part. Search engine placement and keyword related advertising can make up 80 to 90% of your traffic' - Brand Week magazine.


Absolute Link

A whole link that contains the domain name and extension of your website normally used when linking to other websites.


Making your website accessible to everyone so it can be accessed by disabled people and also search engines.


Sponsored advertising on Google using pay per click adverts to generate targeted traffic to your website.


Google's secret equation or criteria that it uses to analyze websites and define their search engine ranking position.

Alt Tags

Alt tags are used to describe the images on your websites to the search engines and screen readers.

Anchor Text

Text on a webpage that contains a hyperlink that directs you to another page.


Information or news story containing a hyperlink to a relative site.

Back Link

Links from another website linking to your website with no return link.


A Weblog is an online diary containing information on a specific subject or person.


A program used to view websites. Examples: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Opera.

Cached Page

Copy of a web page stored within a search engines database.


A group of AdWords ad groups in your Google AdWords PPC account.

Cascading Style Sheet (CSS)

An external style sheet used to control the design and look of a website.


The information and text contained within a website.

Conversion Rate

The percentage of traffic viewing your website that then leads to a sale or purchase.


The cost incurred or price paid for a click through to your Adwords landing page.


The percentage of time your ad is clicked on compared to how often it is shown.


A website displaying a list of other websites that are separated into specific categories.

Domain name

The name of your website. For Example


Software used for designing and editing web pages.

Dynamic Website

The content is created dynamically from a database instead of being stored in a static web page.

External Links

Links from your website to other websites.


Technology that uses a free plug-in to allow your browser to display animations and flash movies.


Used to collect information from your visitors and send it to a specified predetermined location.


A place where users can share information and discuss various topics.


Outdated technology used to create websites.


A product search engine that displays photos and product information relating to search phrases.

Header Tags

An HTML tag that is often used to denote a page or section heading on a web page.

Home Page

The main page on your website also known as the index or default page.

Hosting Provider

A company that provides space on their server to enable you to make your website accessible to all on the World Wide Web.

Human Computer Interaction

The way humans interact with what is displayed on a webpage.

HTML Hyperlink

A link that when clicked on will display the website specified in the link.

Internal Links

Links that allow users to navigate to other parts of your website.


Keyword Effectiveness Index-This number is calculated using the number of times a search phrase is queried compared to the competition for that search phrase. The higher the number the more effective that search phrase will be.

Key Words/Key Phrases

The key words and search phrases targeted when optimizing your website.

Keyword Competition

The number of companies targeting a specific keyword phrase that you want to target.

Landing Page

The page you have designed specifically for PPC and will deliver your visitors to.

Link Farm

A large quantity of websites that all link to each other to gain links back for the process of spamming the search engines.

Meta Description

The description shown in the search engines to describe your website.

Meta Tags

The tags used to describe your website to the search engines.

Meta Titles

The tag shown in the search engines to describe your website and also shown at the top of the page.

Natural/Organic Listings

The results shown in Google below the paid for sponsored links.

Off Page Optimisation

The optimisation of links and content on other websites that relate to your website.

Online Competition

The top listed websites for your chosen keywords.

On Page Optimisation

The optimisation of your website's content, links and html code.

Page Rank

The Page Rank Google gives your webpage depending on the quantity and quality of your inward links.

PPC (Sponsored Listings)

The pay-for-performance pricing model where advertising cost is priced based on the number of clicks rather than the number of times shown. These adverts are displayed within the search engines and on other websites.

Reciprocal Link

When you link to another website in exchange for a link back to your website from the site you're linking to.


Term used to describe the effects seen with new websites in Googles search results.


Search engine optimisation, the process of optimising your websites content with the aim to appear higher for the natural search engine listings.

Search Engine

Internet Search Engines help users find web pages related to their specified search term.


The program search engines send out to crawl the web by going from website to website via links.


A page on your website that includes a list to all of the pages on your website to enable good navigation.

Site Submission

The process of submitting your website to the search engines.

Source Code

The code used to create your website and the code analysed by the search engines.


Any technique used to falsely try to increase a websites position in the search engines.

Split testing

The testing of ads or landing pages against each other to increase efficiency.

Static website

A website is updated manually via the use of software or HTML.


The amount of visitors and search engine spiders to your website over a given amount of time.


Uniform resource locator. The address of a page on a website that identifies it on the World Wide Web.

Web Page

Page contained within a website.


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