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Estate Solutions are the leading provider of residential estate agents software.The software is website based, but does not require the internet to function. Our estate agents CRM software is fast installable software, which is quick, reliable and cost effective. The CRM software also integrates with all our estate agent website packages. Our CRM software also allows for integration of our expert SEO for estate and letting agents to get your website at the top of Google and other search engines.


  • Some of the features of estateCRM:
  • Your information is accessible anywhere
  • No networking or back up issues
  • Automatic and instantaneous upgrades
  • Sales and letting property management and reporting
  • Vendor and applicant management and reporting
  • Automatic property and applicant matching
  • Applicant and property marketing module
  • Personal and full office diaries with extensive functionality
  • At-a-glance screens for quick summaries of properties and contacts
  • Integrated instant messaging between staff members
  • Rapid and simple application setup and automatic data synchronisation
  • Add a new negotiator into the system in seconds
  • Easy to use integrated email and print template software
  • Rapid and extensive property and applicant search facilities
  • Outlook based look and feel – little or no learning curve
  • Instant setup - no waiting for CDs or technicians to visit to install the software
  • Instant upload to your website and property portals
  • Image and floorplan editing
  • Geo mapping of properties and satellite views


  • estateCRM is the leading edge software created by Estate Solutions to manage every aspect of your estate and letting agency.

No learning curve. You already know how it works!

  • Easy to install – easy to use
  • Because the look and function of estateCRM is based on software you already use, such as Microsoft Outlook, it's incredibly intuitive and easy to use. Your whole office can download it in minutes and use it instantly.
  • It really is so easy that there's no training required. Included in the price though is free support by telephone or remote desktop support where we'll connect to your PC and assist you directly as though we were sat at your desk. No appointment required!
  • You can be adding properties and applicants in less than 15 minutes!

Desktop speed application accessible anywhere!

  • Available where you are not where your office is.
  • estateCRM is a desktop application just like any other (Word, Outlook etc.). However using the latest technologies estateCRM hosts the data on a secure server remotely, which has huge benefits to you including: Your data is accessible in the office, at home, on a train, at a clients, anywhere! No database configuration problems (No matter how many negotiators/branches).
  • You can access and edit your data anywhere even without internet! All upgrades to the software are instantaneously, freely installed automatically.
  • No slow clunky unstable website to use.
  • No networking issues

Integrated with your website and portals

  • Automatic instantaneous uploads
  • Using estateCRM you only need to upload your properties, images, floorplans etc. once, as estateCRM automatically uploads straight to your website.
  • If you use some of the property portals such as or you can choose to automatically update your properties there also. estateCRM wont truncate your data when uploading to these portals; you can amend for upload, if you wish to.
  • For more information or a FREE TRIAL contact us without any hesitation and obligation on 0202 7609 2800 or for a free trial

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